Partners of the EURE project met on 22 September for a review of the past six months and to exchange opinions on the upcoming activities for the months ahead. Although it was only with their mind and imagination that partners were in Riga as planned, this online 4th Steering Committee kept high the motivation and ambitions demonstrated in the previous EURE gatherings.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the calendar of study visits foreseen at the launch of the project has to be modified to adapt to the current travel restrictions and social distances rules. Nonetheless partners have already in mind a preliminary alternative solution. Using all the cards in their hands they will continue with the exchange of experiences, analysing the strength of opportunities of each local practices and visits. They will agree upon a final calendar at the beginning of the next year, in line with the latest development of the situation at global level.

A proof of EURE’s resilience and thirst for an exchange of knowledge even during this period is the suggestion made to publish new deliverables, building on the experience gained by each partner during the COVID-19 crisis and with the aim of sharing it with other public authorities in Europe. This is yet to be defined but the will and enthusiasm is here!

As a next step partners will mainly finalise the regional reports, which will be published by the end of the year on this website. They will be completed by a Joint report on how FEDER art 7 funds are used in each partner territory for the development of sustainable development oriented urban policies.

Photo by Biao Xie on Unsplash