Ricardo Rio, President of Eixo Atlantico, institution leader of the EURE project, considers that "The success of the European Green Deal will pass through the study and adoption of the perspective of the local and regional power bodies and through the cooperation of the different countries”.

“In this time of big challenges, there is a clear opportunity for the creation of a new development model. The Green Deal establishes a vision to unify the EU from the point of view of sustainability, but it also represents that new and necessary European development model that citizens claim for.”

The Mayor of Braga is the only Portuguese member to join the new Working Group for the Green Deal at the Local Level created by the European Committee of the Regions. The Working Group joints 13 members from the six commissions and from the six political groups of the Committee of the Regions. Its objective is to ensure that the municipalities and regions of the EU participate directly in the definition, execution and evaluation of the numerous initiatives in the field of the European Green Deal, the EU's sustainable growth strategy to achieve climate neutrality in 2050.

The current priority areas of the Working Group include the European Climate Law and the European Climate Pact, the Just Transition Fund, a new industrial strategy for Europe, clean air and water, hydrogen, the New Action Plan for the Circular Economy, biodiversity and forest areas.