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Apply for Covenant of Mayors peer learning programme


The Covenant of Mayors launches a new opportunity to learn, be inspired and take...

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New policy brief on sustainable tourism


The Policy Learning Platform on Environment and resource efficiency published a...

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New Leipzig Charter for urban development adopted


EU Member States' ministers responsible for urban development gathered at an...

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EIXO ATLANTICO contribution to New Leipzig Charter


On the eve of the new Leipzig Charter, Eixo Atlantico, lead partner of the EURE...

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Sustainable investments in the EU


New EU Regulation establishes criteria for determining economic activity...

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Innovative practices in waste management


26 examples of "use of data and technologies to optimise systems” and...

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EU plans to revise laws to limit its GHG emissions


The European Commission plans to launch open public consultations on forthcoming...

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Towards a circular economy in cities in Lubelskie


The 3rd meeting of the LSG took place in Lubelskie. Representatives of cities...

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Urban adaptation in Europe


New report by the European Environment Agency on urban adaptation in Europe and...

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Virtual tour of PlastiCircle pilot in Alba Iulia


Alba Iulia is hosting a study-visit of the PlasticCircle project

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Eixo Atlántico cities’ role in post-COVID-19 world


Cities of the Eixo Atlántico claim their role in the post-COVID 19...

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Keeping the exchange spirit high


What happened during our 4th Steering Committee meeting?

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