EU CYCLE project partner Białystok Functional Area Association  (BFA) held an online stakeholder meeting on May 27, 2020, with 16  participants, among which were representatives of municipalities and other institutions involved in the project. 

The meeting kicked-off with a presentation made by the Project Managers Adrian Kurza and Anna Buslowska regarding the the progress of the project and its activities, namely the territorial analysis, selection of good practices and action planning.

The online session included as well the presentation of the future steps to be taken and the details regarding the organisation of the EU CYCLE partners meeting scheduled for 30th of June, during which BFA representatives will present an example of good practice in the field of Urban Cycling and the planned study visits.

Mr. Bartosz Czarniecki, one of the regional stakeholders of the Bicycle Association Białystok project, concluded the meeting with an interesting presentation with the title  'Bicycle cures different things', which referred to many aspects related to the organization, planning process and use of the bicycle.