Today, the Bialystok Functional Area (BFA) is hosting in Bialystok participants of the project called URB-EN-PACT co-financed under the URBACT program. The BFA Association was created in form of association in order to implement the new EU instrument, which is Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI). In this event we host representatives from such countries as: France, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Romania.

The aim of the project is to develop local action plans leading to the fact that the areas of partner cities will become, in the perspective by 2050, territories with zero net energy consumption (Zero Net Energy Territory). This will be possible by gradually reducing and supplying energy from renewable energy sources and implementing so-called energy loops that can be used by all beneficiaries of the local circular economy. The participants of the meeting were also presented with the "EU CYCLE" project as an activity related to low-carbon economy.