The EU CYCLE Project kick-off meeting was held in Szombathely, Hungary, on September 10-11. Five partners from different countries met to pave the way for a new and exciting Interreg Europe project that intends to boost wellbeing in Europe by improving the implementation of cycling policy instruments, enhancing cycling projects and sharing best practices to decarbonize transport and move towards sustainable mobility. 

The meeting was hosted by the Lead Partner West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit Ltd, and was a great opportunity for all partners to meet, discuss projects goals and lay down the foundations for the best way to achieve them.    

The project will support the specific objective 3. 1 of  the Interreg Europe Programme,  “Transition to low carbon economy”, facilitating the move to more sustainable,  low- carbon alternatives for transport/mobility by promoting alternative mobility behavior through ensuring that the participating regions will learn how to implement quality cycling projects through better access and usage to allocated funds. 

European Cyclists´ Federation is a proud partner of the project along with West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprof it Ltd – Hungary, Euregio Rhine-Waal – Germany, Association of Bialystok Functional Area – Poland and Region of Apulia – Italy.