In the beginning of the meeting Ms. Nikolinka Hinkova – the co-owner of MECHATRONICA JSC, Gabrovo made a presentation for establishment of the new structure - Gabrovo Innovation Hub. The participants discussed advantages and disadvantages of the different legal forms of public-private partnerships in order to recommend what is the most appropriate legal body, which will better serve the companies’ need to support innovations and local economy. Members of the new structure have been also suggested, place, annual budget, personal and service portfolio.
At the end of the meeting the participants decided to revise the proposal and to start preparation of the statutes of the new organization, which have to be disseminated and commented through the e-mails and has to be finished till October’2018 for final approval.
Stakeholders decided an Open Business Day in MECHATRONICA JSC on 19th October 2018 during the study visit of the German ESSPO partners to be conducted.

The meeting took place on 18th July 2018 as a part of Gabrovo Action plan.