More than 20 big and medium companies took part in the 4rd Stakeholders Workshop in Gabrovo on 14th February 2018. The meeting was focused on the discussion of the next steps in the development of the draft action plan for the establishment of the new instrument – SMEs support system. After the conclusions based on the results of the online survey of SMEs capacity for innovations, Business dialogue event on 19th October 2017 and the deep study on the companies’ needs, stakeholders decided that the most relevant actions will be:
-  to implement the new business platform for innovations, which will allow companies to know better each other and will provide expert services for the development and implementation of innovative projects;
- to establish of a new management structure based on PPP, which will focus on the consensus building between the companies, will mentor Gabrovo eco-innovation network and will improve business – education relations;
- to organize regular business meetings, trainings and campaigns, incl. Gabrovo Innovation Mall, in order to promote Gabrovo as the Technology center of Bulgaria, as well as to deliver useful information in different business areas, according to the business need for qualified personal, funding, new markets etc.
The philosophy of the stakeholders group is to validate Gabrovo as "Smart Gabrovo" industrial hub. Branding of Gabrovo industry and internationalization of companies will increase the competitiveness of the region.