On the basis of the regional decisions on issues selected, interregional mapping workshop will be organised for all partners with the aim to select final Task Forces topics (Establishing of Task Forces).  Each Task Force will gather similar problems and needs of partner regions. Each TF will have a leader (PSTP, NFID, ARC Fund and Tartu SPF). Each TF Leader will take coordination of partners work with the support of LP.

Objectives of the workshop:

1.    To get mutual understanding of the issues and envisioned change of the policy instruments in all participating regions.
2.    To map common aspects of issues shared by the partners.
3.    To make decision on the topics of the Task Forces, which will be forum to collaborate on the regional issues.
4.    To form the Task Forces (each partner in ca. 3 TFs).
5.    To plan the work in each Task Force (topics, format of workshops).