Szombathely2030 is built around the approach, how to achieve digitalization-driven innovation in a countryside city, with multiplicative impact on its agglomeration.

The entire concept is established on Erudite project, the learnings of study visits in the partnership. PBN is coordinating the elaboration of Szombathely2030 programme, together with the municipality, involving universities, companies. Current phase is the involvement of citizens into the programme finetuning.
Exploitation and linkages to Szombathely2030 originating from 2nd phase actions are (1) digitalization services in healthcare, (2) digital skills development for businesses, (3) robotic arm application for disadvantaged people and (4) robotics-oriented digital innovation hub development.

Health industry is in focus all over the world, meanwhile automotive industry is going through transformative changes. This latter is dominant currently in the region, facing increased vulnerability. Having the manufacturing competencies and capacities, health-industry driven manufacturing is highly attractive, the Szombathely2030 programme targets its attraction.