In line with EPICAH objectives, the Spanish-Portuguese border already counts on a single Action Plan to promote tourism activities at the border.
Under the slogan “Do not cross the border, enjoy it!” EIXO ATLANTICO and AIMRD, both partners of EPICAH project promote the first common action plan for tourism between Spain and Portugal. This action is financed by the cross-border cooperation programme POCTEP under the project “Destination: the border”.
The action plan will be presented next 7th November to all interested stakeholders of this border, as well as to the main authorities of the POCTEP Program.
EPICAH and “Destination: the border” are two projects very close one to the other. At different levels, both of them work on the same objective: valorizate tourism as a valuable activity to preserve and valorizate natural and cultural heritage at border regions.
In this context, the Common Action Plan for Tourism at the SP-PT border goes in line with EPICAH objectives and actions and may constitute a good practice to other regions. In this sense, all information and resources will be available at the webpage of the referred partners.

“Destination: the border” is a ES-PT crossborder cooperation project financed by INTERREG POCTEP that counts on the participation of nine partners from the Spanish-Portuguese border, from North to South, and from the public and private sector.
The objective of this project is to implement a cross-border tourism development strategy between Spain and Portugal, to promote the border area as a single tourism destination.
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