The project EPICAH aims to promote the improvement of the policy instruments for crossborder natural and cultural heritage protection and development, through the exchange of experiences and good practices between partners with large experience in developing strategies, projects and actions in this field based on crossborder cooperation processes.

The agenda of the meetings included the following points:

A) Cross-Border Semestrial Workshop Seminar

1. Presentation of the EPICAH project and its activities;

2. Presenting the results of the online survey on the cross-border protection of natural and cultural heritage (both at project level and for Romania-Hungary border);

3. Presentation of project activities in the first 10 months;

4. Discuss suggestions on proposed actions to be included in the Regional Action Plan.

B) Second Meeting of the Local Support Group

1. Presentation of the activities of the EPICAH project in the first 10 months and the first semester of 2018;

2. Present the specific conclusions for the Romania-Hungary Border of the Online Survey on Natural and Cultural Heritage;

3. Presentation of the results of the first study visit and report submitted to the host partner;

4. Presentation of good practices delivered during the first study visit;

5. Contribution of Local Support Group members on input data for the Regional Report on Natural and Cultural Heritage;

6. Presentation of agenda and calendar of transnational meetings in the first semester of 2018;

7. Suggestions for actions to be included in the Regional Action Plan.

The workshop session was dedicated to the networking opportunities, thematic communities, and European projects acting under the thematic objectives of the Program Interreg VA Romania-Hungary 2014-2020.

Satu Mare County IDA presented the project EPICAH and main conclusions of all the actions and online survey developed during the first ten months of the project in order to assure that the knowledge of the interregional learning process generated in the first step is spread to a large number of stakeholders involved in the design and/or implementation of the selected instrument.

The event was attended by representative of the Program Interreg VA Romania-Hungary 2014-2020 Joint Secretariate; public and private stakeholders of the Programme; as well as the beneficiaries of already implemented projects of the Programme Interreg IVA Hungary-Romania 2007-2013 and applicants from calls of projects for Program Interreg VA Romania-Hungary 2014-2020.