The agenda of the meeting included the following points:

    A) Cross-Border Semestrial Workshop Seminar
    Presentation of the results of the second study visit and report submitted to the host partner;
    Presentation of good practices delivered during the second study visit;
    Presentation of agenda and calendar of transnational meetings for 2018;
    Discuss suggestions on proposed actions to be included in the Regional Action Plan;
    Identification of cross-border cultural, natural heritage and tourism good practices in the eligible area Romania-Hungary to be included in the joint project report sent to the European Commission.

Within this project, the policy makers and technicians responsible for protection and promotion of natural and cultural heritage in the Satu Mare County shall have the possibility to participate in exchanges of experience in the field of preservation, protection, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage and to learn new methods to approach for a more efficient management process of crossborder natural and cultural heritage. The project is financed through the Interreg  Europe Programme with a total budget  of 1.707.360 EUR of which benefits a grant in value of 1.451.256 EUR from the European Regional Development Fund and has a implementation period of 5 years.