A new ENHANCE challenge is met in Andalusia

“Inclusion of EMAS register in the 24th Call for the Environment Awards in Andalusia”

It is a pleasure to announce that a new measure on promotional incentive for EMAS-registered organisations has been approved in Andalusia in the framework of the EMAS Action Plan of the project Interreg Europe ENHANCE.

In this case it is the inclusion of EMAS as an award criteria in the 24th Call of Environment Award of Andalusia.

The Environment Awards are intended to publicly recognize the environmental efforts made by natural or legal persons in order to markedly contribute to the conservation, protection and dissemination of environmental values in Andalusia. These awards are divided into five categories (Conservation; Biodiversity and Sustainable Development; Climate Change; Circular Economy; Sustainable Water Management; and Environmental Commitment), although each nomination can only choose one of these modalities/categories.

As a new feature this year, EMAS register has been included in two main ways:

1. EMAS as an evidence of the Environmental Commitment; and

2. EMAS as an evaluation criterion.

The inclusion of EMAS register in the 24th Call of Environment Awards is further demonstration of the efforts being made from the Regional Ministry on Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Local Development of Andalusia to promote EMAS register and to give greater visibility to the commitment of EMAS-registered organisations to advance towards a business model that incorporates the Environmental Sustainability, the efficient use of energy and natural resources, and the involvement of employees and other stakeholders.

Further information:

Order of 6th April of 2020, approving the 24th Call on Environment Awards in Andalusia