Presentation of Enhance guidelines on Environmental Certification at Liguria Region event

On January 28th, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies-SSSA was present as a speaker at an important event that took place at Liguria Region headquarters in Genova. The event “GREEN PURCHASES OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR LIGURIAN ENTERPRISES” was focused on the topic of Green Public Procurement and it was dedicated to companies and industrial and trade associations. 

The aim of the meeting was to favour and spread the knowledge of companies and private market on GPP and this was the occasion for SSSA to give a short speech to companies about the nature oEnvironmental Certifications, both for product and for process.

There is a lack of awareness on the topic and to do this, SSSA research group presented the Guidelines draft on the base of the Towards EMAS Action Plan, aimed to help little Public Authorities-PA in doing their daily job in drafting public tenders. 

 During the meeting, SSSA research group had also the opportunity to present ENHANCE and what  was done in the last 3 years and the state of the art of the project, in particular: 

- Towards EMAS Action Plan;

- Results of the stakeholder meeting carried on in Italy; 

- Results of the interviews on GPP barriers and drivers carried on in Italy, Spain (Catalunya and  Andalusia) and Estonia during the years 2018-19; 

- Future action to be taken.

At the event were present more than 30 different representatives of both companies and industrial  associations, despite of academia members and other stakeholders. At this event, the Regional Chamber for Businesses presented also opportunities coming from EU funds to pass to Circular Economy and financing entrepreneurial ideas. This meeting was the first of a series that SSSA, jointly with Liguria Region, wants to develop during the last year of ENHANCE with companies and industrial associations.