On September 17, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies carried out, jointly with Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre SEI, a meeting with the Keila Municipality. The aim of that meeting is to compare what emerged in the Italian, Andalusian and Catalan meetings with a different culture context, as the Estonian one. The main goal, as previously in the other stakeholder meetings, is to favour the valorisation of environmental certifications in the implementation of Green Public Procurement in Liguria Region according to the selected policy tool. The involved stakeholder was the Head of the office for Service of Purchasing of Keila Municipality. The stakeholder meeting took place in the headquarter of Keila Municipality, in Keila (Estonia).

 The meeting started with an introduction about Enhance project, then the meeting addressed several topics of the target office, such as:

- Internal functioning and organization of Service of Purchasing of Keila Municipality, as public station in charge of public procurements;

- Level of knowledge and professional training on GPP;

- Perception by this public body about other bodies’ level of knowledge on GPP and level of interactions with them by the former about GPP criteria in public tenders;

- Sectors of high presence of GPP criteria;

- Main difficulties about implementation of GPP;

- Actions to be adopted to favor the application of the policy instrument chosen by SSSA for Enhance project;

- Deepening of aspects already emerged in Liguria Region’s and Spanish’s meetings.