The regional Government of Extremadura (Junta de Extremadura) plans to publish in spring a new edition of the call for aid for self-consumption in homes and businesses, with a budget of more than 2.3 million euros to finance up to 40 percent of the required investment. The first call was launched in 2018 summer, as part of the ENERSELVES Action Plan in Extremadura. 

The general director of Industry of the Regional Government, Samuel Ruiz, has insisted on the advantages of electric self-consumption because the sun is the most economical, "inexhaustible and clean" energy and can reduce, by up to 70 percent, the amount of the electric bill.

"From the first day there are savings", said Ruiz, who has also alluded to the reduction in investment costs "in a relatively short time".

He also stressed that current regulations have repealed "the fateful sun tax that has done so much damage to consumers" and goes further by allowing citizens to supply the energy left over from their facilities to the grid and be compensated for it.

In his opinion, "being able to generate our electricity is a real revolution" that must be exploited.

"Governments can not do everything alone, we need citizens to undertake the real change" because in their hands is fighting global warming. 

Source: Extremadura 

Photo: Pascual FloresReleased