Karlskrona has often distinguished itself as the city in sweden where the sun shines the most. The record is 2 270 hours with a direct solar radiation of 12 Watts per square meter. The municipal company “Affärsverken” has started to build a solar park, with a possibility for individuals as well as enterprises to buy shares.

Affärsverken has five business area, and one of them is electricity. The enterprise owns and maintains the electricity network in the central part of the city Karlskrona. This business area includes other services for individuals and activities in the municipality, like energy efficiency advice, installation of solar cells, charging stations, electricity supply to customers throughout Sweden and, last but not least, the solar park.

The location of the solar park is on old landfill, where the land would not have been able to use in another way. Until 1978, it was used as a landfill for waste from households, building work and industry. Emissions of mercury made the land unusable, although a small part of the area has been decontaminated in the construction of roads and shopping malls. Several studies have shown that there is no leakage of neither pollutions nor mercury. But it is not allowed to penetrate the soil and for that reason the solar cells are placed on plastic boxes, put directly on the ground and filled up with stones. One important fortune with this construction is that the solar cells are movable, in case of e.g. new directive that the landfill has to be decontaminated. The placement of the solar cells started late 2018. There will be 18 000 cells with a total capacity of 6 MW, on the area of 7.5 hectars, when the site is fully developed. The electricity production is calculated to appr 5 GWh/a.

As a shareholder, and thereby member of the economic association ”Solfördelarna”, you contribute to the production of green electricity. You lower your energy costs without having to buy or install your own solar cells. In addition, you secure your future climate friendly electricity supply and become less dependent on the price of the electricity market. The economic association has an agreement with Affärsverken. You will receive an invoice from

Affärsverken of energy used and the deduction for your share. The electricity production based on your percentage is clearly specified. The association will also work to establish a new production of solar energy as soon as the need exists. The Solar park is administrated and managed by an operating association. It manages the production of electricity, electricity certificates, guarantees of origin, access rights, network costs, operation, lease of land, maintenance, sales, accounting, insurance, guarantees, etc. everything to simplify ownership and conduct effective management.

Source: nya.affarsverken.se/solenergi/karlskrona-solpark/