The Lazio Region organized the third Stakeholders Meeting of ENERSELVES to present the first draft of the project’s Action plan and sum up the potential contributions of the participants intervened.

Almost all the stakeholders involved in the Interregional meetings held in Phase 1 participated to this local meeting while the speakers had the opportunity to face the project’s topics presenting interventions in the buildings for the energy efficiency. Two of the speakers selected were the stakeholders who took part in the last interregional meeting held in Sardinia Region early November. These had the opportunity to share the tips learned in such occasion and present the activities they are carrying out locally in the field of energy saving in public buildings.


Mr. Massimiliano Valeriani, the regional Councilor to Housing Policies, Urban Planning, Waste Management and treatment plants, opened the meeting. The Councilor introduced the current and future programs on the energy renewal and refurbishment of public buildings in Lazio. He welcomed the ENERSELVES project as a system of good practices for the exchange among partners and he called for a future meeting on this subject with the stakeholders present.

Mr. Valeriani left the floor to Mrs. Manuela Manetti, Regional Director to Housing Policies, Territorial Urban and Landscape Planning, who stressed the importance to participate to EU funded projects as tool to improve regional policies. She recalled that the Regional Direction to Housing policies is already partner of another Interreg Europe Project on sustainable mobility and of a Horizon 2020 project. She concluded her speech considering that the Action Plan is going to contribute to improve the current policy instrument governed by Lazio Region on energy efficiency in the buildings, by using the exchange of good practices identified in ENERSELVES.

After the Director’s speech, took the floor Prof. Cuomo from the University of Rome Sapienza. Prof. Cuomo is the Director of C.I.T.E.R.A, Interdepartmental Center for the Territory, Construction, Restoration and Environment, entrusted by Lazio region with the technical assistance for the drafting and implementation of the ENERSELVES project’s action plan. Prof. Cuomo is an expert in the energy efficiency in building and made a detailed presentation on the best techniques available for the efficiency of the building-plant system. He has addressed important topics useful for identifying the most efficient building interventions according to the existing conditions inside and outside the building: energy efficiency, regulations, materials and systems to make the building envelope more efficient.

Mr. Alessandro Drago, Communication Manager of ENERSELVES project summarized the Interreg Europe Programme’s goal and described the good practices identified and why these represented an added value for Lazio Region, to conclude with a synthetic description of the Action Plan to be implemented in the Phase 2 of the project.

In the second part of the meeting, the interventions of the stakeholders took place in order to share the good practices carried out in the regional territory concerning the energy efficiency in the buildings. Mr. Roberto del Ciello, Municipal Councilor in charge of Waste and Energy - Municipality of Monterotondo – opened the interventions, with a presentation on the experiences of the local administrations and the lessons for future planning in the energy sector. He described the recent interventions funded by Lazio region to be realized in the municipal public buildings that are going to drastically save energy consumption and the related energy cost for the administration. He also described the good practices seen in the interregional meeting organized in Sardinia Region, emphasizing the usefulness of a couple of interventions of RES in the regional Research Centre. Mrs. Michela Biolcati Rinaldi, Councilor to Environment, Ecology, Energy and Public Green of the Aprilia Municipality, described the projects carried out in Aprilia. The best of these was the energy renovation of the main municipal glass building which, through a set of integrated energy efficient and home automation interventions, contributed to a consisting saving in the energy cost for the administration. She also described her participation to the interregional meeting held in Sardinia as an enriching experience for future projects.

During Phase II, Lazio Region is going to organize meetings in the five provinces to gather the experiences present in the territory as well as the criticalities encountered by the local administrations and the solutions identified.