The Regional Policy Department of the Office of the Voivodship Marshal of Świętokrzyskie, partner of Enerselves, organized another meeting of the Stakeholder Group on 15 and 16 November in Busko - Zdrój.

In addition to the members of the stakeholder group, the event included the Director of the Department of Regional Policy Grzegorz Orawiec, Deputy Mayor of the city and commune of Busko-Zdrój Tomasz Mierzwa and Professor Jerzy Zbigniew Piotrowski, representative of the University of Technology of Kielce.

The first day of the meeting, as part of a good practice, study visits were made, during which the best solutions were presented in the use of renewable energy sources and the improvement of the energy efficiency of the facilities located in the city of Busko-Zdrój.  The stakeholders' group became familiar with the solutions used in public buildings, including the Poviat Hospital and the Sports Hall. In addition, the main objectives of the revitalization project were presented to the participants of the event, one of which was to reduce the costs of energy consumption through the modernization of public lighting in the city and Busko-Zdrój district.

During the second day, the guests presented examples of good practices in the field of renewable energy sources, which were implemented in their entities. Investment issues and solutions in the field of renewable energy sources were also discussed. During the meeting, the final provisions of the Action Plan were discussed, a strategic design document that will contribute to a better use of the funds allocated to support projects in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. The meeting was a good platform to exchange experiences in the field of energy efficiency both for representatives of local government units and for companies in the renewable energy.