The 7th Interregional Event of ENERSELVES brought project partners together with stakeholders from all the nations involved.


The first day the steering committee was held by the Lead partner (AGENEX, Spain) which took stock of the situation on the implementation of the Action Plan, the publication of the best practices and the results obtained through the project dissemination.


On the second day the RAS led partners and stakeholders visited three of its best practices.

The first Good Practice visited was the Sardegna Ricerche headquarters in Macchiareddu called ‘Piattaforma Energie Rinnovabili’. Sardegna Ricerche is the Regional Agency for Innovation, and the facility ‘Piattaforma Energie Rinnovabili’ is a publicly funded research centre. Its role is to act as a conduit between academia, industry and the Regional government to foster the development of renewable energy. Sardegna Ricerche opened its laboratories and facilities to the Enerselves team that visited 600m2 of laboratories dedicated to research activities covering a range of technical applications, including renewable energy to grid integration, microgrids, biomass, hydrogen, energy storage, vehicle to grid integration.

The second stage brought the Enerselves group to visit the Marino Hospital that has a photovoltaic solar system grid-connected, in which photovoltaic modules are integral parts of the construction elements of the building and a solar thermal system, in which elements constitute an integral part of the building construction and allow a reduction of no less than 30% of the total annual primary energy required for heating system and/or for water heating system, in combination with a photovoltaic system.

The last visit took place at the AREA headquarters (Regional Social Housing Agency), where the technicians explained the particularities of the Building Integrated Photovoltaic System characterized by coloured polycrystalline silicon panels and the shading device structure, composed of transparent modules.


The 7th of November, the RAS hosted the dissemination event with 60 interested participants that learned several case studies, such as AREA's eco-efficiency in the social housing field or the efficiency of Baradili municipality, passing through the future RAS actions in order to improve energy performance and the smart-grid implementation in the Sardinian region.