By using a double-sided solar panel for solar shielding at the municipal town hall, Allbohus in Alvesta fulfils three aspirations: better indoor climate, locally produced renewable electricity and reduced electricity needs in the building.

The reason why the installation entails reduced need of electricity in the building is due to less need of air cooling when the solar radiation is shielded. The enterprise PPAM Solkraft, located to the community Ljungsbro, is a supplier of solar power plants to villas, farms, public buildings and industries throughout Sweden. They are today one of Sweden's leading players in solar power.

Alvesta town hall 
Power installed: 80 kW
Foreseen production: 67 MWh/a
Photovoltaic panels: PPAM
Transparium, mounted as a sun shade Area: 430 kvm
Customer: AllboHus

Photo Per Jodenius

”We managed to solve several issues for the municipal town hall in Alvesta using a panel mounted to shield the sun, which was the primary desire to improve the bad indoor environment. We proposed a double-sided, semi-transparent panel that, in addition to its original purpose, also produces 180-kilowatt hours / square meters and year, when located to the south, plus 30 extra kilowatt hours thanks to the reflection in the window that the panel catches on the back. Electricity production increases by 20 per cent in comparison to a traditional single-sided solar panel.” It tells Erika Brokvist, the company ́s marketing manager.

The panel can be used as a roof for the outside room or carport if you want shade. It can, in addition, be used as rails or noise protection. The panel has attracted much attention in the town, who was the first to install this type of double-sided solar panels in the country.She continues:  The customer AllboHus has even built a rack of solar panels to facilitate to get up and watch the installation. Many point out that the panel, besides being effective, also is pretty and stylish.