How will the sustainable and energy efficient buildings of the future look? What measures are necessary and how can we cooperate more on energy issues in Blekinge (Sweden)?

These were the topics discussed during a workshop in Karlshamn last May 8 that was carried out with real estate and energy actors who participated in the ENERSELVES project.

Energy Office Sydost, ENERSELVES's partner, is working on a preliminary study to build a cooperation platform for energy issues linked to Blekinge buildings. Although it is a small county, there is no forum where all municipalities, municipal housing companies and other public actors can be seen for an exchange of experience and for developing joint projects. Together with BTH and Netport Energikluster, the Energy Office invited to the full day with inspiring lectures and workshops. The preliminary study is a further development of the ENERSELVES project, where several actors in the county have begun to meet and discuss their own production of renewable energy in buildings.

During the day, about 30 participants received inspirational examples with experiences from the Cradle to Cradle work in Ronneby municipality, Sweden's largest plus energyhouse - The Danish Center for Legal Psychiatry in Trelleborg and projects where solar cells are combined with hydrogen and fuel cells.

"There was a lot of interest among the participants in energy storage and hydrogen. Hopefully, we can get such a project in Blekinge. We have great opportunities to take advantage of solar energy along our sunny coast and therefore it is interesting to look more at storage opportunities, "says Katrine Svensson, Project Manager for ENERSELVES.

The discussion of the buildings, current situation and actions of the future was initiated by BTH. The different groups focused on sustainable construction, energy-efficient buildings and energy production in buildings. Common to the groups is that everyone is facing the same challenges and would benefit greatly from a network.

"A common platform would lead to more cooperation within the county and that both property owners and suppliers can build up common skills for more energy-efficient buildings! Therefore, it is positive with the response we received from participants today" says project manager Stefan Olsson.

Hans-Olof Nilsson told about solar cells and storage facilities with hydrogen/brick cells.

Group discussion on what measures are needed for sustainable and energy-efficient buildings