AGENEX participated on May 28 through the project ENERSELVES in a seminar on "Practical solutions in buildings of almost zero energy consumption" organized by the group of Extremadura de Atecyr and sponsored by Baxi.

The event took place in the School of Industrial Engineers Assembly Hall University Campus of Badajoz (Extremadura) and attended by representatives of the administration, private entities as well as technicians. Among them were María Ángeles López Amado (DG Arquitectura Junta Extremadura), José Luis Canito Lobo (Director ETSII), Justo García (President Atecyr Extremadura), Ricardo García San José (Vice Chair Technical Committee Atecyr), Esther Gamero (Head of Architecture Service Board of Extremadura), Juan Carlo Cotallo (PYMECON), Cosme Segador (Director of AGENEX) and Alberto Jiménez (Technical Director of Baxi).

At the discussion table we talked about the economic, environmental and social criteria to be taken into account when considering the different design options that can be adopted in buildings to achieve almost zero energy consumption, both in the envelope and integrating passive systems. The integration of renewable energies in situ or in the environment of the buildings was also highlighted and solutions were presented to reduce the consumption of the buildings, and that the little consumption generated comes from renewable energies.

This is one of the great challenges of the construction sector in all European countries will meet the objectives that the Directive of Energy Efficiency of Buildings (2010/31 / EC) signalled for the implementation in 2020 of the so-called buildings of energy consumption almost null, called nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings). To achieve these objectives, a continuous collaboration between engineers and architects is necessary.

In addition, a debate was opened on the new indicators proposed for the Basic Document of Energy Saving of the CTE that will define buildings with almost zero energy consumption.