On next June 20th ENERSELVES project (Policy instruments for energy self-consumption in buildings) is organizing an “Energy Days” event in Brussels.

In this event, regional politicians and key regional actors from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Romania will discuss the best tools for implementation of RES for self-consumption.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires all new buildings to be nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB) by the end of 2020 (end of 2018 for new public buildings). Even so, the integration of RES for self-consumption into NZEB remains a challenge for 1/3 of Member States, which have not included it in their National Directives.

Moreover, RES for self-consumption in buildings is not considered as cost-optimal energy in every country. Regional authorities have a key role to play in identifying their cost-optimal RES to create new policies to support the integration of RES in buildings.

As not every RES self-consumption is cost-effective for every region, we need an in depth analysis to identify the best value-for-money investment.

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