On February 22nd and 23rd took place the kick-off meeting from ENERSELVES project (Policy instruments for energy self-consumption in buildings). ENERSELVES’ main objective is to promote new policies, or improvement of existing policies, to support the integration of RES in buildings for self-consumption funded by Structural Funds and other EC tools.

In the kick-off meeting, a workshop and dissemination event was organized by the lead partner AGENEX – Extremadura Energy Agency. More than 130 experts and professionals from energy and architecture fields attended to the event as well as stakeholders and project partners from 6 European countries (Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania, Poland and Sweden).

In the event, it was showed an introduction about the ENERSELVES project and 2 Spanish buildings were analysed as an example of the integration of Renewable Energies Sources. These buildings are “III Milenio” and “Edificio Rojo”.

The slides showed in the conferences can be downloaded here.

ENERSELVES project is co-financed by European Union, through ERDF funds from Interreg Europe program.