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The rise of self-consumption in Spain


Self-consumption skyrockets after the end of the 'sun tax' with savings that...

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Boosting RES in Extremadura


This initiative seeks Extremadura becomes a circular economy.

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Supporting RES introduction in Gozo


MIEMA (the Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency) organized the fifth and...

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The biggest solar park in Sweden´s sunniest city


Karlskrona has often distinguished itself as the city in Sweden where the sun...

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3rd Stakeholders meeting of Lazio Region


The Lazio Region presented the first draft of the project’s Action plan and sum...

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4th Local Stakeholders meeting in Sardinia


On December 11, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (RAS) held the 4th local event...

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Action Plan of Extremadura was presented in Mérida


The School of Public Administration hosted a meeting with local stakeholders in...

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Interreg Europe projects in ExpoEnergea


The 4th edition included public interventions regarding areas such as Buildings’...

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Supporting the introduction of renewable in Gozo


Discussion and approval of the Enerselves Action Plan for Gozo that will be...

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4th Local stakeholders meeting in Poland


On November 15 and 16 of this year, in Busko - Zdrój, another meeting of the...

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7th Interregional Meeting in Sardinia


The Autonomous Region of Sardinia (RAS) hosted the 7th Interregional Event of...

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Bye to the 'sun tax', hi to shared self-consumption


Spanish Parliament approves the elimination of the so-called 'sun tax'

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