Project News

Stakeholders back on board with ENERSELVES


Extremadura is organizing its first stakeholders meeting since the start of the...

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ENERSELVES is back with the 5th Call Activities


The kick-off meeting of ENERSELVES Additional Activities, under the framework of...

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ENERSELVES held its Final Conference online


The project has presented the final results to a wider audience in a final...

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Energy savings thanks to self-consumption


Self-consumption would allow Extremadura to save around 3% per year of primary...

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Young students attend a self-consumption session


Organized by AGENEX in Badajoz.

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Actions on self-consumption in Extremadura for 2020


Strengthen self-consumption facilities in the region is the objective of the...

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Extremadura boosts self-consumption


Junta de Extremadura is going to launch a call for promoting self-consumption...

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Wind and solar trees to supply schools and parks


The city of Valencia (Spain) launches this initiative to raise awareness about...

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The rise of self-consumption in Spain


Self-consumption skyrockets after the end of the 'sun tax' with savings that...

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Boosting RES in Extremadura


This initiative seeks Extremadura becomes a circular economy.

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Supporting RES introduction in Gozo


MIEMA (the Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency) organized the fifth and...

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The biggest solar park in Sweden´s sunniest city


Karlskrona has often distinguished itself as the city in Sweden where the sun...

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