ENERGAP Regional action plan (RAP) seeks to improve the governance of municipal energy policy and to implement pilot project for social houses to tackle the energy poverty.

In March 2020 ENERGAP has started to implement both actions written in the RAP:

  • Action 1: Improve the overall governance in energy management in public sector by establishing a municipal inter – sectoral working group

The municipal working group for the implementation consisting of city administration staff was set. The working group is leaded by ENERGAP. Some drafts of Action Plans for improving the governance in energy management in public sector were prepared and now we are waiting for a working meeting where the actions will be presented.

  • Action 2: Implement the project of energy monitoring and management system in social houses

In August 2020 ENERGAP has selected 10 non-profit (social) apartments, which will be equipped with energy monitoring system in Maribor. Stakeholders that are involved are: ENERGAP, Municipality of Maribor and City Council, Municipal Housing Authority, Regional Red Cross Authority and users of Apartments. The energy advices for residentials on how to use the equipment and which energy efficient measures to implement to achieve energy and financial savings are in the preparations.

The pandemic situation with COVID-19 has caused some minor delays, but the work is ongoing.