AGENEAL Regional Action Plan (RAP) seeks to improve the strategy followed by the Lisbon Regional Operational Programme (ROP) by focusing in benefits such as increased comfort levels experienced by public building users. In this sense the implementation of AGENEAL RAP, in particular the action “Low-Carbon Public Buildings: Energy Efficiency in Forum Municipal Romeu Correia (FMRC)”, began with the development of a technical study that consists of an Ex-Ante/Ex-Post evaluation on the level of comfort experienced by the building users.

In December 2019, AGENEAL carried out an Ex-Ante evaluation, which included a survey aimed at all occupants and the measurement of several parameters (temperature, thermal radiation, humidity and airspeed) conducted in predefined areas of the building. The results of this evaluation will be included in the RAP annexes.

The renovation of the interior lighting system (replacement by LED lamps) has also been finalised in 2019 and the impact on the energy consumption, as well as the associated CO2, was immediate.

In July 2020, the City Council of Almada and the Managing Authority of the Lisbon ROP signed the subsidy contract that will leverage the all intervention. It consisted of a really significant boost towards a successful implementation of the action, as described in AGENEAL RAP.