Today’s youth seek information on screens, the pilot project EYE2EYE aims to test energy information. The purpose is to inform and change students and staff into a more sustainable behaviour at Hultsfreds secondary school in Sweden. The pilot action is dedicated to test methodologies for local authorities to monitor and visualize the energy use to improve the efficiency impact together with the building visitors.

Eye2Eye methodology will be developed and tested in one school to visualize the buildings energy flow and how each person can contribute to increase the energy efficiency of the building and at home. It will test different psychology approaches and follow, if and how, the energy usage changes depending on how the energy data is visualized.

“It is going to be very interesting to identify a concept that later can be applied to different target groups in other buildings” says Mattias Westrin at Hultsfreds municipality.

The pilot Eye2eye is inspired by similar actions made by project partners in Spain and Germany who will act as advisers to the pilot.