FINALLY, our pilot project Eye2Eye (Energy visualization to the eyes of the consumer) has been formally approved on 24 April 2020.

The Pilot project derives from EMPOWER interregional exchange of experience. The Empower partners involved in this pilot project are: PP6 Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, PP8 Development bank of Saxony-Anhalt and PP9 Santander City Council.

The pilot action will develop and test a methodology for local authorities to monitor energy usage and visualize the energy efficiency impact together with the building occupants.

The pilot action will be developed and tested in one school to visualize the buildings energy flow and how each occupant can contribute to increase the energy efficiency of the building. It will test different approaches and follow, if and how, the energy usage changes depending on how the energy data is visualized.  It aims to also demonstrate how energy visualisation can help to change people behaviour and so to reduce energy demand. It  has been developed observing and learning the lessons from EMPOWER partners linked to energy issues in buildings (district heating, passive houses and energy plus houses); it aims not only to test a methodology to monitor energy usage but also to verify what presentation of energy data has the best impact on occupant’s behaviour and the best ways to visualize it. The pilot will test different approaches and follow if and how the energy usage changes depending on how the energy data is visualized. The location of the pilot will be the Upper secondary school in Hultsfred in Sweden.

The pilot will be a significant contribution for any visualization regarding energy efficiency actions and create interest and understanding for energy systems by the occupants. The findings and results will by that contribute to improvement the policy instrument addressed by developing and testing a methodology.