Durham County Council shared their experiences of software for energy monitoring during one intensive day covering how the energy data was collected, to interesting ways to use the input. By using an Energy monitoring system Durham County Council has reduced their energy usage by 5-10% in their buildings just by monitoring and adjust the energy systems. The software used raised a great interest in the stakeholder group visiting Durham. “During the study visit, we took a closer look at how to implement such a system, and I think the system was very user-friendly. In addition to the technical benefits, networking and contacts during a study visit is very valuable." says Mattias Westrin, stakeholder from Hultsfred municipality.

In the photo above are: Ian Cortes, Kalmar municipality; Mattias Westrin, Hultsfreds municipality; Julie Curry, Durham County Council; Tommy Lindström, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden; Helen Grayshan, Durham County Council; Elias Kristmansson, Borgholm municipality and Lena Eckerberg, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden; Author of Photo: Durham County Coucil

Photo: Julie Curry Durham County Council; Author of Photo: L.Eckerberg