30 participants from the local authorities in Southeast Sweden and from the Regional Energy Agencies in Sweden participated in the Import Workshop in Växjö on 7th of November 2019.

The main theme was a Smart City solutions and sustainability. The good practice from Santander was presented. The Smart City Platform developed over a rather long time period is an excellent example of how smart solutions can improve the quality of life for the citizens by providing better service and options for them. The solutions developed in Santander were considered very useful and interesting for the participants. Empower project partner from Santander explained how well-designed information and support it is possible to get the citizens involved and engage the society and the citizens in a sustainable energy usage.

This was followed by a short introduction to the upcoming locally work which will follow the Spanish example. A short local Study visit to one demonstration apartment gave a concrete insight to the participants on how smart sensors can gain energy efficiency.

The concept of Sustainable Smart City performed by Santander is a very interesting example to follow. Public sector has complicated challenges to solve. By cooperating with smart and innovative solutions some of the challenges can be met. Especially the upcoming work in the Smart City concept Växjö found the Santander example especially interesting.

The event was very well received and the experiences from Spain raised a great interest.

All photos owned by Energy agency for Southeast Sweden