On 20th of November 2019 the Southern Regional Assembly hosted the Final interregional project partner meeting for the end of Phase 1 of the EMPOWER project in Ireland’s Oldest City – Waterford, founded by the Vikings in 914. This 6th meeting was also the occasion to plan and monitor the Regional Action Plans implementation for the Phase 2 of the project.

Partners have actively exchanged information’s, news, views and experiences, including:   

  • Feedbacks and plans, progress on Import Workshops, Stakeholders meetings, Good Practices Register and Website Platform.
  • Short presentations of partners Regional Action Plans (RAP) based on Interregional learning via Peer Reviews, Study Visits and Workshops.
  • Communication and Dissemination progress report and work plan for the next Semester and for the Phase 2 of the project.
  • The venue for the next Project Management Group Meeting in June 2020.

Before the meeting some of Interregional partners also had the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the award winning House of Waterford Crystal who have been crafting glass since 1783 over 230 years and who have been partly funded by ERDF funding.

The Southern Regional Assembly were delighted to host this event and share their wonderful city with Interreg Europe EMPOWER project partners and appreciated the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and good practices throughout the project.