On May 22, 2019, regional stakeholders of Saxony-Anhalt were invited to the 4th regional stakeholder group meeting at the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt.

The first main goal of the meeting was to present the final energy management system (EMS) concept with all its duties and advantages for future users. Mr. Steinfurth not only explained the system itself but also the chances and challenges that it is accompanied by. The later included, for example, the extra work for the users –only in the beginning of applying the EMS to their premises – and convincing them that the advantages outweigh the challenges.

The second goal was to use this basis as a starting point for a discussion on possible communication strategies including: S-IIImedia like websites, leaflets, events, short presentations, FAQ and contact persons. This important topic is not only going to influence the upcoming events - like the workshops in June – but the overall communication with the S-IIIrecipients and eventually the project’s success. Using a graphic recording in order to present the EMS along with an USB stick for all the necessary and handy information on the project were unitedly seen as helpful tools. Users can benefit from webinars and seminars to educate themselves and even become multipliers to inform other participants.

The next important stop on the agenda was the Regional Action Plan (RAP). Not only was the definition cleared up but the importance of it was also explained in depth.

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