On the 5th September 2019 Southern Regional Assembly organized a Stakeholder’s Group Meeting.

3CEA provided an update on the energy data they have collated to date. This included an assessment of cost of all energy efficiency measures to be included as upgrades within the deep retrofit programme in Ireland. A full assessment of deep retrofit cost per house type and size and an assessment of the energy savings per house size and type.

Participates agreed that these figures would be used as the base of their assessment but for the purpose of the model we would use average costs, size and thereby likely average energy savings.
They provided a full update on how energy credits, fuel allowances and surplus PV energy could affect the proposed financial model. We discussed the political impact of the proposed model and the willingness to implement significant changes to the current landscape with a view to assisting in meeting Irelands2030 emission targets.  We then proceeded to have a full discussion around all the participants in our proposed financial instrument model for the social housing sector in Ireland. How they can participate and what if any difficulties they could see with our proposed model.   

Progress is being made. In its current format it is not likely that the proposed financial instrument model for the social housing sector in Ireland will be viable. However, the assessment is likely to identify other possible models that could be researched to find a solution to assist Ireland in meeting its 2030 targets.