Daniel Svensson, energy expert from ESM and Ted Sjödahl from the regional council in Kalmar country was the speakers at a regional event in Mönsterås on May 24th 2019.The topic was smart energy efficiency. The participators, who are working mainly with the public owned buildings in the county, concluded that there are great possibilities for the public sector in the county. The solution is to structure the efficiency work and by that make it possible to achieve the energy efficiency targets of the county, contribute to better working environment, technical development and create a better public economy.

Daniel Svensson, who has experience of supporting more than 100 municipalities, claims: ”A common view among financial managers and politicians is that they believe that the municipalities must borrow money to be able to make investments. But this is wrong! By doing right things and by avoiding doing the unnecessary financial space is created and reduce the need for lending money”.

The event provided clear and simple tools for the municipalities and the participants considered the tools to be very useful.

“It was among the best lectures in energy efficiency for buildings I have heard for a long time. We can adopt much directly into our business” says Marcus Olsson, Property Manager in Mönsterås municipality.  

The participants learned about operating methods, data collection, forms of financing, communication tools and, above all, examples of how the work should be started. Hundreds of millions of municipal taxes goes today to operating costs. This could be reinvested into the businesses instead if the organisations worked systematically with energy efficiency.  

Ted Sjödahl, Energy strategists at the Regional County Kalmar Council presented the work to develop the new energy efficiency goals for Kalmar County and how climate change will affect how to operate and plan the buildings. It is now up to decision makers to get knowledge to make the right decision so that tax revenue is not wasted on unnecessary energy costs.

The event was a regional stakeholder meeting in the Interreg Europe EU projects EMPOWER and organized together with the final seminar of the Interreg Europe project SUPPORT. Both projects aim to improve policy documents for energy efficiency in Kalmar County.