Santander City Council hosted the Import Workshop in Santander on the 6th of March which participated more than twenty stakeholders including not only local ones, such as VIESGO, UTE TELEFONICA-NEC, SONINGEO, ESCAN, CIC Consulting, University of Cantabria and municipal staff, but also guest speakers from Slovenia (ENERGAP) and Ireland (SEAI).

After a welcome message from the Municipal Councillor for Environment and Sustainable Mobility, several presentations on energy efficiency monitoring systems were carried out, in particular, Slovenian and Irish guest speakers explained in detail the systems they use in their regions of origin, including also live demos.

Then, the workshop focused on “How to design Action Plans: Proposal for Santander Regional Action Plan”, where after introducing its concept and content, the draft version of Santander Action Plan was presented. This draft includes different actions such as how to integrate the measurement and monitoring of energy consumption of municipal buildings in order to not only optimize its management but also reduce CO2 emissions. This presentation was followed by a fruitful open debate where stakeholders provided their comments and suggestions.

Last but not least, the Smart City platform was presented which allows implement the integrated management of the city, through the integration and optimization of data from urban services and municipal systems. Taking advantage of the meeting venue, the Smart City Demonstration center, attendees were able to see different sensors and IOT devices that are currently  deployed in the city, such as environmental, traffic, parking, lighting and garbage sensors, which are integrated through several mobile apps in the daily life of citizens, improving their quality of life.