In Semester 5 the EMPOWER Import Workshops have started. After hosting the Peer Review, attending a number of Study Visits and organize a two Technical Workshops, the partners are now entering the final phase to “gain experiences and new learnings” in EMPOWER. This will be done by the Import Workshops. These are meant to help partners to exchange their views on the Good Practices they would like to implement together with their Local Stakeholders Group.

On 16th of April Energy Agency of Podravje hosted the Import Workshop in Maribor about Energy management and monitoring in Hospitals. Experts from Sweden joined the workshop and discussed with participants how to monitor energy efficiency and use the data to plan possible improvements (regarding energy efficiency cooling system, ventilation systems, expenses for medical devices services, the modern system of tracing the mobile medical devices, ideas about public procurement in medical sector – environmentally and financial effective) in the University Medical Centre Maribor. The participants reached a lot of experiences, solutions and ideas of the management of health infrastructure and energy efficiency in the hospital. After the workshop a site visit of energy systems and monitoring in the hospital was organized.