The partnerships of 9 European regions are working together to share experiences, solutions and good practices to develop and deliver better public policy to reduce carbon emissions and innovative use of financial instruments.

Partners have been very busy with organizing the first Technical workshop, focused on Energy monitoring. It was organized in Almada on 24th and 25th of October and hosted by AGENEAL. The workshop is crucial in consolidating the learning process among project partners. Experts invited from project partners will assist them and their regional stakeholders to import their good practices into policy in each region and prepare their Regional Action Plan.

At the Energy monitoring Workshop in Almada relevant good practices were presented by different experts from Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, France and Poland. Participants learned and shared the experiences in different energy monitoring fields.

The main objective of all presentations was to reduce energy consumption and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions. You can read about them in the Technical workshop proceeding.