In Semester 4 the EMPOWER Technical Workshops have started. After hosting the Peer Review and attending a number of Study Visits, partners are entering in the final phase of their learning and exchanging process in EMPOWER. This will be done by two Technical Workshops. 

First one was organized in Almada on 24th and 25th of October and hosted by AGENEAL. It was focused on Energy monitoring. Interesting and relevant good practices were presented at the workshop by different experts from Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, France and Poland. They presented a lot of good practices with different monitoring systems to monitor energy and CO2 savings, regulations and management systems. Approximately 30 people attended the workshop. Participants learned and shared the experiences in different energy monitoring fields.

After expert presentations it was a time for group discussions on:

  • How to maintain the interest on energy monitoring in professional or citizen communities?
  • How to meet minimal learning needs of key decision makers?
  • How to recruit, train, motivate and support, for example through the platforms, preparation of the manuals?
  • How to connect the energy data to financial planning of the project?

The main objective of all presentations and discussions was to reduce energy consumption and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Participants gave very positive feedback about gaining new knowledge, sharing experiences and making closer friendships with the experts and their stakeholders. They also have a lot of suggestions and points of view analyzing all details about the topics that were presented.

Within the workshop EMPOWER project also joined forces with another European project named QUANTUM to reduce energy consumption in buildings.