AGENEAL, Municipal Energy Agency of Almada organised EMPOWER 4th Project Management Group Meeting in cooperation with project partners on the 23rd of November 2018 in Almada, Portugal. Partners were welcomed by Vlasta Krmelj, lead partner of the project. This 4th meeting was the occasion to monitor what the Project partners has done so far and to share and plan many important actions and further steps to be implemented in the next months.

Partners have actively exchanged information’s, news, views and experiences on working during the last 6 months in EMPOWER, including:

  • Policy improvement through Interregional Learning process,
  • The basic idea of preparation and organization of two Technical import Workshops (Energy monitoring workshop in Almada and Financial monitoring workshop in Magdeburg),
  • Preparation of Regional Action Plans (RAP) based on Interregional learning via Peer Reviews, Study Visits and Technical Workshops,
  • Communication and Dissemination progress report and work plan for the next Semester and
  • The venue for the next Project Management Group Meeting in March 2019.

In Semester 4 EMPOWER partners will focus on high-level Interregional Exchange of Experience through two thematic Technical Workshops. After both workshops, good practices will be imported into policy in each region through Regional Action Plans which will be produced by each partner.