Florentine Energy Agency has hosted the Study Visit to Florence, held from 29th to 30th of May, in which participated 3 delegations: Slovenia, Sweden and Italy.

On the 29th they have visited the social houses made by Casa S.p.A. in Viale Giannotti, Florence, an intervention of three buildings: two for residential use (6 floors and 4 floors) with a total floor area of about 4,400 m2 and a third for public use (play room) spread over 2 floors for about 600 m2, made in wood and in Energy class A. The buildings are the subject of a measurement campaign, with the aid of appropriate equipment, of the actual energy performance, confirming (or denial) of the results of the energy certification certificate. The monitoring campaign has been published in the book “Measure energy efficiency - energy monitoring of new generation of social housing buildings”. Firenze, 2013.


In the afternoon they have visited SILFI headquarters. SILFI is a public society (property of the Firenze Municipality) that has in charge public lighting. They use public lamps to monitor traffic, weather, security and energy consumption. In the headquarters they have also visited the monitor center.

On the 30th of May the participants studied the Green Hospital experience, particularly the two main action that were performed: the installation of cogeneration of electricity and heat fueled by methane gas in the Hospitals of Arezzo and Valdarno (the two most important Hospitals in terms of energy consumption) through which it is possible today to self-produce internally to the hospital about half the electrical energy of which the two hospitals require.