Municipality of Lorient organised EMPOWER second project meeting in cooperation with project partners on the 6th and 7th of September 2017. Partners had a special privilege to be warmly welcomed by the Lorient Energy Councillor, Mr. Laurent Tonnerre who also joined the cycling tour around the city.

Highly motivated partners actively exchanged information and experiences on working in EMPOWER during two days meeting, including:

  • Discussion about how to make best use of the To-Do Lists developed after the Peer Review. They include very valuable information on learning needs and potential activities to be included in Regional Action Plan. The documents will be used to plan Study Visits, Technical Workshops and to write a first draft  of Regional Action Plan;
  • Brainstorming about learning needs and planning of Study visits. Special Study Visit marketplace was organized where each partner was “selling” its best practice and in second round each one was “buying” others best practices. Partners deeply discussed about the content of best practices, involved institutions, time frames, learning highlights and other important information to be taken into account when selecting good practice to visit;
  • Exchange of experience on how to involve all stakeholders more actively because they are very important for the implementation of all activities related to carbon emission reduction. They will execute the Regional Action Plan and they have to be motivated to do so. Their involvement is crucial in the planning phase;
  • Partners agreed that EMPOWER has done already a great job with the identification of Good Practices therefore the communication and information activities should be accelerated to spread the information also outside the EMPOWER consortium.

Next day partners attended financial workshop to learn more about financial instrument available on the market. They also visited some good practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy use in Lorient: the photovoltaic solar installation in Lanveur school, the energy monitoring system in Kermelo school and the future biggest French solar roof.