The Secretary For Energy, Environment and Tourism of the Azorean Government affirmed today that her Government wants to increase the adoption of electric vehicles, highlighting the importance of the recent approval of the Azorean Plan for Electric Mobility.

“This is a document that sets the basis for the Azorean public policy regarding the increase of electric vehicles in detriment of internal combustion vehicles, fighting the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels, ensuring economic mobility for families and companies, as well as a higher energy autonomy of our archipelago”, said Marta Guerreiro.

The Azorean Secretary put forward that, soon, “a program of incentives, financial and non-financial, would be available to families and companies for the acquisition of electric vehicles”, beyond the ongoing implementation of a network of public charging stations.

Marta Guerreiro spoke in Lagoa, São Miguel, during the inauguration of the first normal charging station available to citizens via an agreement between the Government and the municipalities. In total, 10 agreements will result in the installation of 10 normal charging stations. This process is ongoing despite the fact that the tender for these municipalities had no participation.

During the event, the Azorean Secretary reinforced that “still this year, we will have, at least, 8 fast charging stations in the Azores, and the contract for the installation and maintenance of 16 fast charging stations has already been signed” com the company EVCE Power.

“In total we will have a global network of 26 charging stations available for public charging of electric vehicles and encompassing all the municipalities of the archipelago, with the goal of ensuring higher comfort and security to its users, allowing them to charge their vehicles whenever necessary”.