During his speech at the Economist's 3rd Sustainability Summit for South East Europe and the Mediterranean, Kostas Hatzidakis, the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy, presented the environmental policy axes of the government, noting that: "We do not consider the environment as a separate political sector, but as the filter through which every public policy must go. This fact primarily concerns economy, as there can be no future without green growth; so investments must reconcile with environmental protection”.

He then outlined the nine pillars around which the government's plan is moving. One of the nine pillars mentioned was electric mobility. For this axis, the Minister said: “We are talking about a cutting-edge technology of environmental protection that is much more widespread in other European countries than here in Greece. That is why we are moving quickly on this, as well. We are drawing up the National Electric Mobility Plan and are formulating a complete pack of incentives to promote e-mobility, based on European good practices”.

“These axes are part of a coherent policy strategy, for the transition to a sustainable, green development model. This direction will allow us to achieve the objectives of the European Union and the United Nations, as reflected, inter alia, in the Paris Agreement. So we can contribute by this way to tackling climate change and improve the quality of life itself”, concluded the Minister.