The last event of the phase 1 of the ELISE project was organised as International Symposium on Innovation Ecosystems - Challenges and Opportunities. Aim of the symposium was to more forward discussion on innovation ecosystems and their challenges and present results of the ELISE project that are relevant within this topics. 

Main organizer of the symposium - Life Science Nord - invited plenary speaker Mr. Gerd Meier zu Koecker from ClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg. Mr. zu Koecker is currently dealing with cluster management excellence and related policies as well as impact measuring of public support measures. He was one of the initiator of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative as well as the of the cluster benchmarking / labelling approach for cluster management excellence, which became a widely internationally recognised approach for cluster (management) excellence. His presentation with title "New requirements for cluster management in times of industrial transformation"  was focused on role of clusters as key building block of regional development. 

Other presentations were focused on main outcomes of the ELISE projects - action plans (presented by lead partner Žaneta Stasiškienė from Kaunas Technological University) and analytical work of the 7 innovation ecosystems (Cecilia Maini from ART+ER). Analysis performed within the scope of ELISE showed that regions in the project differ significantly (size, economic development, etc.), but they have several key common challenges that can be overcomed by peer learning, 

The second part was dedicated to discussion in the form of round table lead by Martin Haranta from Cassovia Life Sciences. Attendees were able to interact with project partners, share their experiences and find answers to their questions and problems.

The symposium was attended by multiple stakeholders from Germany and other 8 European countries.