One of the most important economic hubs of EU - German city of Hamburg - became host of the last project meeting of ELISE within the cope of the phase 1.

ELISE project organised its last open dissemination event under the title - International Symposium on Innovation Ecosystems - Challenges and Opportunities. Partners used this opportunity and met the day before the symposium to discuss remarks and notes provided by Joint Secretariat for each action plan.   

2 action plans were already approved without remarks and rest had to be adjusted according to the vision of JS. Partners used this opportunity to "borrow brains" of their colleagues to find proper solutions for raised inadequacies in their Action Plans. 

Rest of the meeting was dedicated to management of the project and its transfer to the mode for phase 2 and planning next 2 events that are bound to happened in 2020 and 2021. Also reporting of the phase 6 was discussed in order to have smooth transition for the next period.