INTERREG Europe project ClusterFY organised event called "Clusters in Digital Era", where representative of ELISE presented findings of the project within the scope of panel - International Experience - Cluster policy development, Cluster policy support, International cooperation of clusters. 

ClusterFY aims to improve regional and national policy instruments seeking to intensify Key Enabling Technologies (KET's)-related clusterization processes, as well as fostering interregional cooperation between and among clusters and business networks and encourage their integration into innovative value chains. These developments advance the implementation of regional innovation strategies.

ELISE and ClusterFY have similar focus thus making it excellent opportunity to share ideas developed within the scope of the both projects. A lot of topics were discussed - how to develop ecosystem? how to make clusters sustainable? how to foster innovation? ELISE could provide solution through its good practices and real life cases that were presented at the project meetings. 

ELISE recognizes that cooperation of multiple INTERREG project with common scope can provide higher dissemination and mainly utilization of the achievements of projects.