ELISE partner BioCon Valley presented to the consortium one of their good practices - Board of Trustees on Health Economy. This method caught attention of Centre-Val de Loire to the point that they would like tom implement similar structure as soon as possible. That is why they visited city of Rostock and held meeting together during Health Economy Conference, 12. June 2019.

Topics discussed were into very details of functioning of Board e.g.:

  • How did we identify the members of the board?
  • What are their positions inside their respective institutions? Are they nominated “intuitu personae” or do they represent their institution?
  • How do we lead Board discussions relative to decision bodies inside their respective institutions?
  • How to obtain “free and open speech” in a cooperation / competition context?
  • How do we obtain a long term involvement?
  • How to involve actors such as 1) hospitals and 2) private companies in the definition of major R&D programs 

All of the questions were answered and similar Board in being created in Centre-Val de Loire. Are you asking yourself: what is Board of Trustees on Health Economy? Here is short summary:

The state government has commissioned the development of a “Master Plan Health Economy 2020” whose strategic implementation is being supported by the Board of Trustees for Health Economy. The Master Plan defines the following main development areas: life sciences, biotechnology, medical technology, and pharmaceutical industry, health services, healthy ageing, health tourism and healthy nutrition.

In this context, the Board of Trustees on Health Economy has been established as a kind of triple helix advisory body. The members of the board are appointed by the prime minister. They are representatives of the universities, non-university research institutions, industries, health care providers, politicians and other institutions involved in the issue health economy.

Each of the five strategic fields is organized in a such called “Strategic Group”. These groups meet at least 4 times per year to discuss priority areas, define the main future challenges and develop concrete actions, mostly projects but also establishing specific thematic groups e.g. in the field of digitalization.

The health economy in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has developed into an economic stabilizer in recent years. The country's strategic goal is to expand this leading sector with the Board of Trustees on the basis of the master plan.

The common goal is: shaping the profile of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as a health region, recognized nationally as well as internationally.

Actually, 71 personalities from the sectors companies, trade associations, Health insurance funds, higher education institutions/universities as well as from the regional policy were appointed to the Board of Trustees on Health Economy by the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The rector of the University Rostock acts as president of the board. For supporting the conceptual work of the Board of Trustees and its strategy groups, the BioCon Valley® GmbH has set up an institutional office in 2010.

Beneficiaries of the work of the board are more or less all stakeholders involved in the issue health economy. Starting with the whole state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern through companies and research institution up to the health care providers the development of the health economies benefits all stakeholders, citizens and patients.